Induction Coil Design & Fabrication​

At Induction Coil Solutions we specialise solely in the design, fabrication, manufacture and repair of a wide range of induction heating coils, depending on your part and process requirements, we’ll determine the optimum configuration for your induction heating coil. We build coils from the highest quality materials using round, square and rectangular copper tubing.


We will work to engineering drawings, or we can reverse engineer from your existing coil design. If you are looking at a new application coil design, we have a wealth of application knowledge to customise a coil to your specific heating requirements.

Induction Coil Repair & Refurbishment​

Induction Coil Solutions understands the importance of a fast Induction Coil repair service to limit as much interruption to your working day as possible. We pride ourselves on producing high quality and long-lasting coils that we can deliver to you in a timely manner.

We have in stock insulation materials and a large selection of copper tubing in different shapes and sizes, ensuring we have the right material to use in stock when your repair is sent to us, giving our customers the faster turnaround they require.
At Induction Coil Solutions, we also offer a loan Induction Coil service where we will build our customers a replica coil of their choice, that we keep with us on the shelf and loan them this coil while we work on their induction coil repairs. We have found this to be a very popular service with our customers, as this minimises disruptions to the working day, and gets then up and running much faster.

All our Induction Coil repairs are fully water tested for the right flow and pressure. Every Induction Coil is also tested with one of our Induction Heating Systems before delivery. We also fully track all work carried out on every Induction Coil we make and repair so we can look to see for any improvements required and advise our customers as necessary.​

Induction Soldering and Brazing

Induction Coil Solutions offer a full sub-contract Induction brazing service. We have many years of experience in Induction Brazing & Soldering solutions. We can fully support our customers with advice in selecting the right flux and brazing materials.

We also have a full range of induction brazing machines from 1Kw to 80Kw and a wide range of frequency (Khz). With this full range of equipment, it allows us to select the correct machine for your processes and to produce your components in the most efficient manner.


Induction Coil Solutions also offers Induction brazing under protective atmosphere and can Induction braze under vacuum. This method allows us to keep your parts clean when brazing and eliminates the need for fluxes.


Induction coil Solutions can design and manufacture a custom-made coil for your parts, giving the correct uniform heating pattern needed for repeatable Induction brazed parts.We can also design and build any tooling to hold your part’s during the Induction brazing heating time.

Benefits of Induction Brazing & Soldering:


Direct, localised heating of only the joint area• Minimalizes heat-affected zone• Uniform heating• Accurate, repeatable heating• Quicker cycle times• Optimized Consistency• Maximized Productivity• Improved Product Quality• Extended Fixture Life• Environmentally Sound• Reduced Energy Consumption

At Induction Coil Solutions, we have experts in the design and repair or work heads (Capacitor Banks). We stock a full range of the leading brands of high and low frequency capacitors, ensuring an efficient repair service.


We can modify the work head to allow more capacitors to be fitted or increase cooling capacity on the capacitors.


We can also re-house the capacitor bank into new insulated boxes with a full interlock system.

Copper Work Repair Service

Flexible Power Leads

At Induction Coil Solutions, we manufacture and repair high quality water cooled flexible power cables. We can also design these to meet your specific requirements.​

Other Services

At Induction Coil Solutions, we can offer a full CNC machining service using the latest lathes and milling machines. We also offer a fully coded welding service using the latest Mig, Tig and Arch welders, and also a subcontracting service for Oxy Acetylene, brazing, soldering and welding.


We also offer a Sand blasting service using the latest Guyson Sand Blasting machine.

Induction Systems

Induction Coil Solutions offers the full Induction package. Everything from the induction coils, induction generators, water chillers and handling systems, our skilled engineers will design, test, and build your perfect Induction turnkey package, working alongside our customers every step of the way.


We offer high quality bespoke induction equipment, ensuring our customers are receiving the very best in induction technology.


If you have an application you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01242 577758 or please use the contact form via this website and our technical sales team will give you a call.

Induction Heating Specialists​

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