Induction Coil Solutions has many years of experience working within food industries. We have many different types of Induction Coil Designs , heating a variety of foods products.


Induction Coil Solutions have a dedicated team of engineers and inspectors overseeing all work done within Food Industries. Induction Coil Solutions offer a sterile steam cleaning services on all Induction Heating Coils.


If your coil needs repairing you can be sure it will be fully steam cleaned before it leaves the factory, and all replacement parts will comply with the food safety standards.

Induction coil Solutions also helps many customers with new food products and will design a custom made Induction Coil to give you the perfect heating results.


There are very few custom coil designs and repairs in the food industry that we have not resolved somewhere within Europe.


Many customers are turning to Induction Heating to help speed up they’re production lines. Induction Heating is a very energy efficient and clean way of giving you the heating results you are striving for.


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