ICS is an established Induction Heating company, working within many Industries across the UK and Ireland, Europe and the US. We are fully committed to keeping our customer’s equipment running and we understand the need for a rapid professional response when a problem occurs to keep expensive downtime to the absolute minimum.


We have over 120 years combined industry experience in all areas from induction coil repairs to the new design, development and manufacturing of Induction turn-key packages and frameworks and can also offer a consultation service if you only require support.


We have a fully equipped laboratory where we can invite customers to visit us and run their trials to see the results before any commitment to purchasing is completed, which has proved to be a huge asset to ourselves and our customers.


Our coils are designed and manufactured to your heating specifications, tuning into localised heating or all-over uniformed heating, giving you a highly efficient coil and the perfect heating pattern. This will speed up your heating times and have energy savings for your company.


Our Service and Repairs department has a team of dedicated engineers who each have vast experience throughout the Induction industry, travelling worldwide and maintaining our customer’s confidence in our ability to respond whatever the issue, or make and model of induction generator.


We can also offer you loan equipment of Induction and cooling systems, ensuring less down time for your company while your equipment is being repaired.


We also manufacture water cooled power leads, manufacture and repair work heads and offer other services such as welding, brazing, soldering and transformer repair.


If there is an application or project you would like to discuss with one of our experienced technical engineers,

please do contact us on 01242 577758



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We work on the forefront of innovation and technology.​


Induction Coil Design & Fabrication​

At Induction Coil Solutions we specialise solely in the design, fabrication, manufacture and repair of a wide range of induction heating coils.


We build coils from the highest quality materials using round, square and rectangular copper tubing.​

Induction Coil Repair & Refurbishment​

Induction Coil Solutions understands the importance of a fast Induction Coil repair service to limit as much interruption as possible.


We pride ourselves on producing high quality and long-lasting coils that we can deliver to you in a timely manner.

 Induction Soldering and Brazing


Induction Coil Solutions offer a full sub-contract Induction brazing service. We have many years of experience in Induction Brazing & Soldering solutions.


We can fully support our customers with advice in selecting the right flux and brazing materials.​

Copper Work Repair Service​

At Induction Coil Solutions, we have experts in the design and repair or work heads (Capacitor Banks).


\We stock a full range of the leading brands of high and low frequency capacitors, ensuring an efficient repair service.​

Flexible Power


At Induction Coil Solutions, we manufacture and repair high quality water cooled flexible power cables.


We can also design these to meet your specific requirements.


Other Services 

At Induction Coil Solutions, we can offer a full CNC machining service using the latest lathes and milling machines. We also offer a fully coded welding service using the latest Mig, Tig and Arch welders, and also a subcontracting service for Oxy Acetylene, brazing, soldering and welding.​

Induction Heating Specialists​

Mon - Thurs: 8:00 - 16:45 | Fri: 8:00 - 13:00  

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